Nike Case Answers

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Nike Case Answers– Spreading out to stay together

1. When Nike CEO Phil Knight stepped down and handed his job to Bill Perez, he stayed on as chairman of the board. In what ways could Knight’s continued presence on the board have created an informal structure that prevented Perez from achieving full and complete leadership of Nike?


Informal structures are the set of unofficial relationships between organization members. Potential advantages of informal structures:

▪ Helping people accomplish their work

▪ Overcoming limits of formal structure

▪ Gaining access to interpersonal networks

▪ Informal learning

When knight remained on the board, old communication relationships may have survived his departure
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|Strategy |
|Nike |Endorsing Athletes |
| |Sponsoring Sports events |
| |City based advertisements |
| |Banners & Billboards |
| |Themes on bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in world |
|Adidas, Reebok |Sponsoring Sports events |
| |Endorsing Athletes |
| |Themes on improving performance of every athlete in the world |
|Puma |Mixing influence of sports, lifestyle & fashion |
| |Puma concept retail stores |
| |Puma fashion

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