Nike 's Code Of Conduct

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Supply Chain Management Every year, about 900 million pieces of Nike footwear, apparel and equipment arrive at the right destination on time. The complex process involves more than 50 distribution centers, a network of thousands of accounts, and more than 100,000 retail stores around the world. As a leading company in footwear industry, Nike believes they have the responsibility to conduct their business in an ethical way and also expects the same of its business partners. Moreover, Nike focuses on working with long-term, strategic suppliers that demonstrate a commitment a safe working conditions to their employees (Nike, Inc., 2014). Nike has high expectations to their factory partners through evolving standards of their Code of Conduct that is a straightforward statement of values, intentions and expectations meant to guide decisions in factories. Nike’s Code of Conduct includes strict guidance about child labor, excessive overtime, compensation, forced labor, and freedom of association Nike (n.d). For years, Nike has been sourcing from factories that seek to meet the company 's minimum standards for good labor performance. The policy of Nike is to evaluate potential contracted factories before they enter the supply chain. Throughout their business relationship with Nike to assess compliance with high standards of social and environmental performance, including country-related risk for issues including forced labor, human trafficking and slavery Nike (n.d). Nike

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