No Hint of Danger

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Amy’s eyes wandered from her book to look out of the high windows of the living room. Nothing was there, just snowflakes lightly falling through the sky. Still Amy shivered. She felt uneasy and little scared, all alone in the Morgan’s big house. Little Isabelle, the baby, was sound asleep in her nursery upstairs. Amy almost wished the baby would wake up. At least there would be human sounds in the house to keep her company.
Amy tried to keep her attention on the history book she was reading. Her teacher had warned the class that there might be a quiz on Monday morning. But it was difficult to concentrate, and Amy’s eyes kept wandering off the page to look out into the dark night. She must have done into a daze, staring out the window at the lightly falling snowflakes. Because, suddenly, every muscle in her body jumped when she heard the sound of the front door opening. Amy listened to the click of the latch and then the slight creak of the heavy door as it moved. She even felt a cold draft move through the living room just as she heard the door shut again.
Raising Action:
She called out in a frightened voice to Mrs. Morgan. And there was no answer. Only a dead silence in the big house. Amy felt her heart began to pound. Could it have been the wind that pushed the door open and closed? Or had someone come into the house? Amy shank into a ball on the couch. She was suddenly afraid to move. Then she heard something that made her blood run cold. Footsteps. Heavy
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