Non Caucasian American Suicide

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There is a dramatic difference between the suicide rates of Caucasians and Non- Caucasian individuals. There are multiple reasons as to why that could be. One of the possible reasons for that stems from how our very society has been formed. When looking at the history, specifically here in the United States, we find that many Non-Caucasian groups of individuals have suffered at the hands of Caucasians in some way shape or form. Through that suffering, there was something that developed within those groups of people, resilience, strength, flexibility, and toughness. Non-Caucasian groups of people, for the most part, are use to the struggle that comes with being a minority so when all these hardships are happening, they do what their…show more content…
There was a drastic rise in the suicide rates among white males specifically. One did not see that same rise in suicide rates among minorities. There has been plenty of speculation as to why that could have been. One reason is that the one cannot lose money that they never had access too. Although the Great Depression was bad for the country, it has a big effect on those with power in society and that was white males who were not accustomed to not getting their way or having to live without the money they lost and they could not handle it. A similar trend happened even as recent as the Recession of 2008-2009 when there was a surge of suicide rates among white people. Even though we have improved vastly as a society from the 1920s until now there was a similar pattern we see. The United States is for the most part run by Caucasians so when we have an economic decline it does not affect minorities as much as if effects majorities who are not used to living without. Being forced into downsizing and not being able to handle the stress that comes with having less plays a role in the suicide rates being higher among Caucasians than Non- Caucasians as a
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