Non Traditional Students

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Enrolling in college classes I thought I would be the oldest student in class. Walking in on my first day I saw this little old, grey haired lady, with reading glasses on and I thought she must be the teacher. Then a younger lady walked in and introduced herself as Mrs.Blinn. She said, “Hello I will be your anatomy and physiology teacher.” I got so excited! That means the little old lady enrolled in classes just like me so I am not the only nontraditional student.
What do traditional and nontraditional students have in common? How do they differ?
Well what constitutes a traditional student? A traditional student is a person who goes straight from high school to college and is typically between the ages of 18 and 22. Usually they attend
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These activities permit students to meet their peers and expand their social lives. As a non traditional student I did not have many expectations of peer activities when entering college. A part of me kind of wishes I had time for those things because it does seem to be a great part of college life. Although, I do not think I have time for anything else in my life right now. Entering college is usually a pretty big life change. Though it may seem fun, it may also be very stressful for some. It is noted “that the demands of college are strenuous and include long hours of study, deadlines, examinations, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and personal growth work that often includes the assessment of self, including philosophical and social values” (Stagman 1).
Getting a college education is essential for all students. Earning a degree can mean so much. For some, a college degree serves as a facilitator for higher wage earnings, starts a new career path, or a feeling of satisfaction and personal achievement. Regardless of the
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