Nonverbal Immediacy In The Workplace

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The workplace is not often the first place one would think that you need to convey warmth. In a professional setting, our society does not often think about the relationships and nonverbals that express and influence behavior. A virtuous leader is one who will lead their employees to achieve desired goals. An effective leader that provides job satisfaction is important in the workforce we have today. High job satisfaction enhances employees’ psychological and physical wellbeing (Ilardi, Leone, Kansser, & Ryan, 1983) This can in turn influence employee productivity and success for both parties.
Supervisors can use nonverbals to connect interpersonally with subordinates. The manner in which supervisors use nonverbals to communicate with their subordinates may be more important than the verbal content displayed between a supervisor and subordinate. This analysis will examine the issue of subordinate emotional experience and suggest a solution to this problem by encouraging supervisors to display immediate nonverbals. (Richmond & McCroskey, 2000b, p.195) The following paper will focus on the ways that supervisors can use nonverbal immediacy to improve subordinates emotional well-being in and out of the workplace.
The Problem
According to etiquette expert and author Oropeza Randall, when employees feel discouraged, underappreciated, or undervalued it can lead to disconnection and apathy which is poison to the workplace. (Gausepohl, 2017)
Emotion and communication

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