Nonviolent Protests Of Martin Luther King

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I march down the street; my brothers surrounding me. I hold a sign that reads, I am a man! We deliberately but silently stride onward. Our legs grow tired, but we keep moving through the streets of Alabama. To our dismay we hear sirens blaring in the distance, the sound that seals our fate growing louder. The vehicle comes to a sudden stop near my fellow brothers and I. Men dressed in suits made to fight fire pour from the truck. They unload their hoses that bring death. We try to huddle against a nearby building, but our attempts are futile. All around me my fellow brothers fall to the ground. All around me my fellow brothers stare blankly through disfigured faces and bodies. Then the awful spray hits me and I fall to the ground. The men leave, content with the murders they have just committed. Martin Luther King was successful in leading “nonviolent” and peaceful protests. One of the reasons he decided to perform such protests was because Mahatma Ghandi did the same thing and wound up successful. Even though innocent people died during the civil rights protests, King and his followers soon became successful in their goal of coloreds living hand in hand with whites. King led nonviolent protests throughout the streets of Birmingham. The protests had to remain peaceful. King felt that they would make more of a difference if they remained harmless to the community. In king’s letter to from Birmingham jail he stated, “Nonviolent direct action seeks to create such a crisis
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