Nordhausen Essay

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“Holy shit!” says one of the LT’s assistants as he notices from a distance two of the medics carrying a body out on a stretcher. “What in God’s name is that stench?!!!” He’s looking in the direction of the large single-story building just off to his right. He isn’t asking anyone specifically but more or less expressing shock at finding what is in there. He had gotten within fifty feet of the building of the dead and even at that distance the odor is so strong, even a scarf covering his mouth and nose doesn’t provide any relief from the stench. This is still the beginning stages of determining what the 104th is dealing with at Nordhausen. Very few US Military personnel are here, but everyone is quickly learning about the building of …show more content…

“I want every damn medic we got in camp here now! I want every town doctor over here ASAP. I don’t give a rat’s ass what any medical personnel is doing right now!” the LT barks at his second in command who tries not to throw up on his shoes. “Yes, sir. I’ll get on it right away, sir,” says his second in command as he removed the handkerchief from around his mouth only long enough to respond to the LT and keep from vomiting. “I want this damn mess cleaned up by nightfall! You understand me?” says the LT. “Yes, sir,” says the second in command wondering to himself how they would be able to take care of this mess in the timeframe the LT demanded. “Nazi SS bastards!” mumbles the LT under his breath but loud enough for the second in command to hear him. “You do whatever it takes to clean this shit up! Our medics got to get in there and see what’s what. Make sure no one else goes in there until the medics arrive. No sense in making a bigger mess. Give me an update in two hours. I expect to see every damn medic we got working on this! I’ll drag their asses over here myself if I have to!” says the LT. And he would. He once picked up two soldiers each by the back of the collar for fighting. The two were fighting over some stupid incident, and the LT wouldn’t put up with that. The two had knocked each other to the ground and continued the scuffle while rolling on the ground. The LT just walked up,

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