North American Free Trade Agreement

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Since ancient times, societies have used forms of trade in order to benefit themselves and their communities. From bartering in Ancient Egypt, to the international trading the world has today, trading has found its way into various sectors of modern civilization. The idea of free trade dates back to sixteenth century Spain and it was believed by certain economists to be the reason why certain civilizations flourished more than others. Free trade was an idea The U.S., Canada and Mexico struck gold with when they implemented the North American Free Trade Agreement, better known as, “NAFTA”. The use of NAFTA is in America’s best interest because, it benefits U.S. jobs, improves trade relations, promoted specialization of trade. Jobs in the United States thrived with the application of NAFTA. Millions of new jobs were created as trade became easier between the countries of North America. In an article titled, “North American Free Trade Agreement”, author Carol Wise speaks of the impact this agreement has made on each country involved in NAFTA. It has been proven that, “the number of jobs gained in the US economy since NAFTA’s implementation in 1994 towers over those jobs lost”(Wise 133). Fortunately many of these jobs created directly support small businesses. Small businesses more often than not struggle to prosper in a society dominated by big business and Fortune 500 companies. NAFTA has supported more than 140,000 small businesses because the initial export of products
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