Not All Textbooks Recall the Events of History the Same Essay

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Many people do not care for history due to the simple fact some of the readings in the textbook are not all interesting or true. Not every textbook is the same, not every textbook has accurate information, but most history classes require you to read and learn everything from the textbooks. As you read this essay, you will learn how a couple of different texts discusses the finding of Virginia and about the Indians. Each of these texts are not written in the year so there will be some discussion on the years each was written. Just remember, not all textbooks are the same, in fact, most of them have different facts that may not be all accurate.
In 1927, David S. Muzzey wrote the first text “History of the American People” this text …show more content…

In May, the establishment of Jamestown was founded. The men relied on the Indians for food. The settlement suffered from the “starving period” without Powhatan’s help. The settlers held Pocahontas, Powhatan’s daughter, hostage to gain the upper hand in 1613. While they held her captive, she agreed to convert to Christianity and marry John Rolfe. (Norton)
In the first text, he talks about how the Indians pretty much saved the colonist from death because they supplied the colonist with goods need for their first winter. They were then attacked in 1622 by the colonist for the land to declare the government. (Muzzey) Bailey doesn’t give praise to the Indian’s like Muzzey did for saving the colonist. He discusses how the settlers find the new land and push the Indians aside. The Spaniards were not as successful as the English settlers at killing off the Indians. Many Indians died from the Indian Massacre, diseases, and starvation. Due to Pocahontas marrying John Rolfe in 1613, the colonist started peace with the Indians. (Bailey) For the third text, the author was a little more specific with the Indian tribe name. The tribe was the Tsenacomoco, and their weroance was Powhatan. Powhatan brother watched the colonist try to expand and convert Indians to Christianity. The war leader set up attacks all along the James River leading to 347 colonist dead on March 22, 1622. (Norton)

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