Not Yet Free, An Excerpt From A Senate Report

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The name of this document is 'Not Yet Free ', an excerpt from a Senate report. It is a primary source, as it was written by someone who experienced the events he describes. The document was created in 1880 by Henry Adams. Henry Adams was a former slave, who experienced the emancipation Proclamation and the effect it had on whites, blacks and slaves. The author may have some bias, as he is telling his story from only his point of view, which is that of a former slave; he would naturally be emotional about the subject, which could cloud his judgement. However, the author seem to be a reliable source of information; he was old enough to understand what was happening when the events he described were happening, and his account is clear and concise. The document was created in order to record the Senate hearings, specifically the testimony of a former slave. The intended audience for this document would have been anyone who was interested in the experiences of a former slave after the Emancipation Proclamation was released. From this document, I can infer that following the Emancipation Proclamation, there was a lot of violence and anger; even though former slaves were now free, they weren 't safe. From this document, I learned that many slaves were murdered following the Emancipation Proclamation. Those who weren 't murdered were stolen from, and those who chose not to leave their former owners were cheated and abused.
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