Notes : Management Externship For Summer 2015 Session Taught By Dr. Jerry Sims

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Mid-Term Paper Charanpreet Singh Sullivan University Author note This paper has been compiled with the intension of submitting it for the mid-term assignment for the course: MGT696 Extern 3 Management Externship for summer 2015 session taught by Dr. Jerry Sims. Abstract Few of my behavioral characteristics as a human being are self-starter, enthusiastic and motivated. This paper consists of the sections: About me, About My Company, My Job Tasks, Online & Hybrid Courses and Preparation for Management. The only reason for choosing Sullivan University as my school for my graduate program is that the course curriculum is much compliant with the goals ahead of me. I have been working in the Information Technology (IT) field for…show more content…
After my graduation, I landed up with a job in IT industry and started feeling the lack of knowledge in the concepts of IT. I was trained as an Electrical Engineer in Lamar University but landed in IT. So, I talked to my friends in the industry who were in a similar situation and they recommended me to pursue another Masters in IT which will bridge the gaps. Pursuing a fulltime job and a fulltime graduate program at the same time is not an easy task but I am lucky to be supported by my friends, family and colleagues. I also serve my community actively which has helped me transform my personality to what I am today. I am a person who likes food and I can travel to the other part of the country for it. So, keep on trying new restaurants wherever I go for fun or work. I like reading and gaining knowledge on the new concepts. I am a fervid reader of SAP books which helps me improve my performance at work. For the social and musical development of children music acts as a food for the soul (Charissi, 2014). Music acts a food for my soul as well and I like listening to music which I find soothing to my ears. About My Company I have been working for SilverXis Inc for the last 3 years now and we provide software consulting services to the major clients
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