Notes On The ' Rise Ra Out Of The Horizon '

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I chisel away at the limestone; I am writing on a tablet. It reads “Rise Ra out of the horizon”. I was ordered by Pharaoh Khafre to make this tablet, it will be soon used in a temple to honor the great god of the sun, Ra. Pharaoh Khafre worships Ra more than any other Pharaoh we have had in the past. He is trying to ensure that there is harmony between people and nature. He plans to build a great monument for us to worship the god Ra in. A great pyramid is in the works of being built as well, this pyramid will be similar to his father Pharaoh Khufu’s and will be his final resting place. I am a scribe, meaning I know how to read and write in our language. My job is to inscribe temples, tablets or any other thing I am asked to. These letters I am writing are called hieroglyphics and we only use them when we talk to or about the gods, they are a religious alphabet we use to honor them. Our everyday writing is called hieratics and it is mainly used for business, administration and keeping records on papyrus, our form of paper, it is reed flattened out. I do enjoy my job; I am not dragging limestone for distances or slaving away building pyramids or temples for our pharaoh. You could say that I am of a higher social division. I am not a criminal nor am I severely poor, these people are our slaves. They break their backs doing hard manual labor for our Pharaoh. There is also a group of citizens that voluntarily do hard labor, these are not extremely poor but are not rich either.…
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