Nothing Lasts Forever in Robert Frost's Poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay

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“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a poem published by Robert Frost. The poem illustrates the fact that nothing will last forever. It especially stresses the fact that money will not last forever and will soon disappear. Frost makes his point clear throughout the poem by depicting nature. The entire poem talks about objects in nature that seem beautiful at first, but then subside into nothing. Throughout the poem, Frost uses deep symbolism, rhyme, and allusion to reveal his point. The poem consists of vibrant and lush imagery to grab the reader’s attention and show the reader that nothing will last forever. The title of the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is one of the most informative and depicting parts of the whole poem. It uses connotation, …show more content…

Frost also uses personification in line three and continues to emphasize his point. He uses a metaphor when he says, “her early leaf’s a flower”. He uses this metaphor to say that life is a beautiful thing and seems perfect at first. In line four, the author transforms the poem from beautiful beginnings to horrible endings with the word “but”. He begins his transition to reveal that all beautiful things can not stay. He uses connotation with the word “hour”. The word “hour” uses connotation for it means a hour literally, but it is also had a deeper meaning that reveals the fact that everything in life only lasts a very brief period. In line 5, the author uses the word “Then” to keep the transition going. He uses deep symbolism for the word “leaf”, but it has a different meaning each time it is seen. The first time “leaf” is read it symbolizes life and perfect times. The second time the world “leaf” is seen within the line it symbolizes death. The author uses different denotations of the word, starting with beautiful and then death. The author uses this metaphor to tie the poem together by saying life will die. The author uses an allusion in line six to help show the meaning of the poem. “So Eden sank to grief” is alluding to the Bible and the story of the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden was first seen as a beautiful and flawless thing;

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