Notice Me More: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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Notice me more Everyone suspects that when you enter elementary school, you’re supposed to know how to read, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. As a child growing up, I wasn’t a good reader. I read books that interested me and opened my mind too newer thoughts but that’s about it. No matter how big or small your challenge may be, everything takes time to achieve. One night I was getting ready for bed I looked up into the sky, and along with the moon, the stars could be seen clearly right above my head. That was my last clear visual of this world before my euphoric life was shattered into pieces. I then awoke in a dark, icy-cold hospital room; the only light was coming from the corner of my which was from the room’s restroom. I was very…show more content…
The next morning doctors came in to see me to check up on me. Doctor Angie, my main doctor told me to read from the nearby cafeteria menu so I did. I tried speaking, but I couldn’t pronounce the words correctly, “Chic-k-en Las-ag-naa with a S-p-rite" they said that’s fine due to I just had a brain aneurysm. I was petrified I didn’t know what that was nevertheless they told me to calm down that the surgery was a success. Afterwards each day therapists came into my room and they would help me with my reading and writing. First, we started off with chapter books to see where I was on my reading level, I couldn’t even manage to get through the first page. One sunny bright afternoon I was going to go see my therapist, I was very eager because that day I’ll be reading all by myself. I read a poem I wrote will I was in depression thinking I wasn’t going to make it, but she gave me the strength I needed to make it out alive. I remember as I finished her warm smile filled my heart with jubilation. As the days went by my reading improved so much, I was now reading more complex books then my grade level, I thought to myself I could overcome this catastrophic experience than what else couldn’t I
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