Noy-Nac Sobriquet Analysis

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Noy-nac Sobriquet attends a public high school in Austin, Texas where the nature of everything is gradually transmogrifying him in to an apathetic, cynical, and sarcastic creature, without a stalwart nature to compensate.

His spelling is a abysmal.

He is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. This is fostered by the fact that he cannot stick to a project for more than thirty-six hours. He dabbles in everything, from wet-folding, a branch of origami that utilizes damp paper as a means to create resiliently curved figures, to authoring "improved" versions of the United States Constitution (e. g., anti-gerrymandering, instant runoff voting, and the annihilation of the Electoral College and Senate, among other things), to mapping …show more content…

At such a point he becomes as loquacious as his unfed cat (cat owners know). He may also leech other conversations from these people (until their blood supply is exhausted).

He despises lossy compression, but recognizes that it is invaluable.

He enjoys the antics of writing about himself in the third person quite a bit. This includes the ability to note his eccentricities and relatively detached nature from the eyes of an observer. This also includes the ability to use this webpage as a conduit to write too much about himself. In addition, he enjoys using little known words and various word plays as pseudonyms in place of his fore and/or surname.

He has been programming since he was approximately ten. Until he recently took a class called Computer Science 1, he was completely self-taught. The class didn't teach him anything new, but it counted as a foreign language credit and was a prerequisite required to take Computer Science 2. Currently, he can fluently program in C♯, C, Java, and HTML/CSS. Because it is far superior, he prefers to program in Microsoft's C♯, as opposed to Sun's

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