Nuit Blanche Analysis

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This photo was taken at Nuit Blanche, an annual arts festival that transforms the streets of Toronto into a contemporary art gallery. The photo depicts an installation entitled “STARscape,” which consists of a canopy above an alleyway, lit up by moving projections of stars. Occupants can stand inside vertical tunnels and surround themselves with stars. At the top ends of the tunnels are gaps in the canopy that look out onto the real night sky, emptied by light pollution. The installation is meant to show a contrast between an artificial fantasy and a grim reality, while asking us how we can reconnect to our shared heritage – nature (“Starscape,” n.d., para. 1). Many of the exhibitions at Nuit Blanche addressed social issues and centred on themes of social transformation and community activism. The exhibitions showcased projects discussing social justice movements and the power of community activism. Using art as a political tool, Nuit Blanche engages in collective activism for social change. Through interactive art installations, visitors are engaged in a mutual process of both creating and learning knowledge. This was my first time attending Nuit Blanche, and I was both surprised and gratified by how political the art installations were. It was very busy, with hour-long line-ups for some installations. I was glad to see such a popular event that showcased subversive, political art. Many artists at the event were local activists creating art that addressed social issues,

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