Nuremberg Laws Dbq

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The election of Adolf Hitler in Germany as Chancellor in 1933 brought many gradual changes to the struggling state, which had been greatly affected by the damages of World War I. These changes, through the use of legislation and government, were directed towards the minorities, especially the Jews. The actions of Hitler caused the death of millions and many other negative side effects to Germany and their people. One major enactment that was directed against the Jews were the Nuremberg Laws, which consequently stripped the Jews of their German citizenship. These helped establish the widespread persecution against the Jewish community, which eventually led to the British getting involved with the transportation of thousands of refugee children. Britain had some history with the immigration of a large amount of children during World War I from Belgium. They once again took up the humanitarian effort with the Kindertransport, which saved the lives of many children from Germany. The Nuremberg Laws were supported by other actions against the Jews such as boycotts and degatory signs that targeted them. The Jews, with the loss of their citizenship, now had to carry around identification papers and other signs to single them out from the rest of society. “On October 28, 17,000 Jews of Polish citizenship, many of whom had been living in Germany for decades, were arrested and relocated across the Polish border. The Polish government refused to admit them so they were interned in

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