Nurse Meeting Experience

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Kathleen, I wanted to talk to you before the long weekend and I just realized you were at a meeting. I feel like my concerns may have not been heard or misinterpreted today. I realize we are all on a level playing field with the start of Epic and it is a huge learning curve for everyone. But I have some concerns about the “unknown” and multiple new responsibilities the nurses will have as of June 13th. First, I did email Baptist Health Louisville about tips and suggestions for the inpatient documentation. I still have not heard back from Rhonda, so I am concerned about finding the consults and the exact documentation for inpatient. So, I will try to reach out to Rhonda again next week. Maybe I do need to go and observe them in Louisville if possible. …show more content…

I have only had patients sign the consent and whatever paper work is printed out. So, I do not fully understand the registration process and insurance. I am a hands-on leaner and the training we received does not make feel component or validated to register patients. So I am going to try to schedule time with registration in the next week to hopefully feel more confident. I do have one suggestion we may need 2 people at the front desk the 1st week of go live to help. Sometimes 2 heads together is better than one. Finally, you sent out an email on May 19 titled “NEW cover sheet for pt charts, starting June 13, chart processing”, I have questions about the diabetes patients and RN responsibilities. I repled to the email and requested clarification. I hope this is something that can be discussed at the RN meeting next week. Ultimately, I know not everything has been figured out with the new process. But, one of my multiple roles as a RN is to be a patient advocate and I just want to do the right thing for our patients/consumers. I look forward to talking to you next week. Have a great long

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