Nurses Should Not Be A Doctor Essay

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Many people can be seen when walking through a hospital; patients, employees, doctors, and an abundant amount of nurses. Nurses are extremely important, and are greatly needed. Nurses are the ones who answer our phone calls, take our temperatures,blood pressures, give us shots and much more. Doctors and nurses are extremely important in our medical world and putting one above the other endangers patient care. However, compared to doctors, nurses are seen as the lesser. People value a doctor’s opinion more than a nurses’, even if the nurse has the valid information. A doctor is seen as smarter and far more important. The above statement is true, a doctor has more information due to the fact that a doctor has more schooling in terms of medicine. However, we are not looking at intelligence or importance. We are looking at respect, the respect that nurses deserve even if they are not the smartest in terms of medicine. Nurses are berated and looked down on by the public and their doctor counterparts. Doctors’ and nurses’ have had a long history of not getting along, similar to cats and dogs. If coworkers cannot work cohesively, the work does not get done properly. There are many reasons why nurses are looked down on. The most prominent is gender. The nursing profession is primarily ruled by women and due to that “today’s view of nursing is of manual labor, not a skilled profession” (Sturtevant 32). It is seen as women’s work and in light of sexism, a woman 's work is never

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