Nvq 3 Unit 13 Prepare Text from Notes

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Prepare text from Notes Unit 13 1.1 Describe the different types of documents that may be produced from the notes and the formats to be followed. There are a number of different types of documents, below is a table which shows the types of documents and the format to follow. Document Letter These documents are used for different types of communications and for various purposes. They could be formal, informal, business, personal etc. If from a company then it should be printed on company headed paper, listing the reference, date, name, address, subject, letter content. It should be finished with yours faithfully/yours sincerely, signed, name and job title. If there is something enclosed then Enc should be added. If the letter…show more content…
They are an image of the organisation and they need to be of a high standard. 2.5 Explain the purpose of confidentiality and data protection when preparing text from notes. Confidentiality is very important in preparing documents because it can involve a lot of private data. In order to protect the users and the owner, confidentiality must be observed. Data protection is also significant to assure that nobody will be able to get the data and spread it to anybody else, especially if it's about money and financial statements. The release of personal information can lead to serious consequences. This is probably one of the most important aspects of any business. It helps save the company, its values, and trust from

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