Obesity Is A Common Issue

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Obesity is a common issue, known throughout the world. In today’s society obesity is increasing due to the media, advertising, family, culture, cost, technology and peers. All of these factors each have a significant reason as to why the obesity rate is increasing. Studies show that 27% of child between 12-15 are overweight or obese. The Media is a big thing for obesity. Body + Soul mums, is a website about tips for mums and how technology is affecting their children. There studies show that television is the reason why Australian diet and activity has changed. Through this direct quote from body + soul mums“The relationship between obesity and television-watching is as true for the preschooler as it is for the older child. The excess weight accumulates over the years, so the younger a child starts logging up hours in front of the TV, the more years they have to accumulate fat” it shows the effect of sitting in front of the television for too long. This statement has negative effects on teenagers and kids because they are become inactive and their body isn’t getting the fitness it needs. Due to teenagers and kids watching the television for hours non-stop, there body are getting use to doing it all day long whats makes it easier to acculate more fat and give a higher chance of obesity. “As a group, foods advertised on TV are high in fat, saturated fat, protein, free sugars and salt, and low in fibre and some micro-nutrients. These are the kinds of food associated with

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