Obesity : Obesity And Obesity

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Obesity in America is rampant. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 78.6 million adults in the United States are obese. (Centers for Disease Control, 2015) Obesity is a factor in many chronic diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke. With sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition leading the way to America’s weight issue, retired and non-active duty veterans returning are not immune to the diagnosis of obesity and obesity-related illnesses.
Program Description and Content Evaluation: MOVE! is a weight management program created to improve the lives of veterans and help them lose weight, this organization is supported by the Veteran Affairs (MOVE! Weight Management Program, 2016). Many Veterans who received care from the Veteran Affairs were considered to be overweight or suffering from obesity (MOVE! Weight Management Program, 2016). MOVE!’s goal is to screen every patient, once a year, that receives care from the Veteran Affair for obesity and design a weight management program that fits the needs and preference for each participant (MOVE! Weight Management Program, 2016). There are many different treatment options each participant can choose from such as group sessions, telephone lifestyle coaching, Tele MOVE! and MOVE! coach (MOVE! Weight Management Program, 2016). Move helps encourage healthy eating behaviors and implementing more daily physical activity to help reduce health risks and prevent the onset of

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