Obesity in Indonesia

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Nowadays, it seems obesity has become one of the most frequently discussed issues that occur not only to developed countries but developing countries as well. And Indonesia has become one of the victims of many. It is likely to happen because of lifestyle changes that affect physical activities and what then people consume. In order to prevent future damages, possible solutions have been proposed divided to direct and indirect solutions. Finally, it will be discussed whether those suggestions can make a difference or not for new generations to come. For a start, obesity is a medical case where the calculations of people’s weights are over than the normal weight that is given depending on their heights. It can cause various diseases, which can result to a short life span (“Overweight and Obesity”, 2012, para. 1). Obesity in Indonesia doesn’t only happen in the capital city but also in rural areas. According to Health Ministry research, the percentage of ¬overweight adults has increased from 12 percent to 21 percent from 2007 to 2010 (Irin, 2013). The Health Ministry released another research and it was found that 14 percent of 5 year olds Indonesian children were overweight. Followed by 9.2 percent of obese children from the age range of 6 to 12 (Sagita, 2011a). Even though Indonesia got 4th place with the lowest obesity rates on the list compared to other Asian countries (“Obesity Rates”, 2013), it still raises concern because of high population growth. With obesity problem

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