Obesity in Our Society Essay

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Obesity in Our Society Human nature has demonstrated one thing over decades gone by, that once a system has been adopted by a society, people are very reluctant even resilient to change that system. The Aristotelian world view affirmed all matter was formed from earth, air, water and fire and stated that heavy objects fall at a faster rate than do lighter objects, dominated civilized society for over a thousand years.[i] All one had to do to disprove a large portion of this premise, was to drop two objects simultaneously and watch as they both fell at the same rate regardless of their respected weights. This simple test…show more content…
In substitute for the lost meals an alternative must be acquired and many are finding a quick, inexpensive method to be that of fast food restaurants. As seen on the MacDonalds arch " Billions and Billions" served. While these restaurants do provide a quick meal and a fun atmosphere, the food being consumed is quite less than ideal. The average MacDonald's meal contains 1200 calories,[iii] half of which is called for in an ideal diet for an adult weighing approximately 180lbs.[iv] Keeping this in mind if a child notices that eating at fast food restaurants several times a week is a normal occurrence that child is likely to, in turn, choose to dine at fast food restaurants later in life. Not only does the family pass on its eating habits, but also passes on forms of entertainment and leisure[v]. If one were to paint a picture of a modern day family spending time together, they would most likely be seen in front of a television. As the use of television, internet and video games increase, the amount of physical activity that is preformed decreases. This is problematic in two senses. Firstly its is recommended that people receive at least thirty minutes of cardio activity three times weekly[vi] and while playing video games or watching television may provide hours upon hours of neural
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