Occupational Therapy Is A Career Which Helps To Assist

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Occupational therapy is a career which helps to assist those that are unable to perform the basic skills required in their specific occupation. It is best known for its unique nature, high demand, and potential for extreme success and fulfillment. To understand occupational therapy, one must understand the unique nature of the career. Therapists provide assistance in the areas of self-help, paid and non-paid work, and leisure activities. Secondly, personal attributes, rigorous educational requirements, and flexibility working with a vast age range in a variety of clinical settings contribute to occupational therapy being in high demand despite its consistent popularity. Lastly, the work can be challenging and overwhelming, so it is …show more content…

Occupational therapists offer treatment in three different areas. First, they provide assistance with self-care activities such as walking, eating, communicating, personal care, or even shopping for food. Secondly, they help individuals to be productive in whatever occupation they participate whether it is paid work or not. Thirdly, they help with leisure activities such as socializing, sports, and other outdoor activities.
When people are unable to participate in the daily activities of their occupation, Brown and Hollis (2013) reported that people can experience a brief pause or disruption in their normal activities, a deprived state of activity that can severely restrict social, cultural, or personal engagements, or create an imbalance when a person becomes “unoccupied, under occupied, or over occupied” (p.1246). Eventually, any of these lapses in functioning can create or intensify other physical or mental issues. Santrock (2012) expressed that occupational therapists “help people regain, develop, and build skills that are important for independent functioning, health, well-being, security, and happiness” (p.45). Perhaps occupational therapy on the whole can be described as utilizing multiple techniques to help different people with one or several distinct impairments that hinder them at various times in their life. Kronenberg and Pollard (2006) stated that “occupational therapy is said to be based

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