Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Is An Energy Technology

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Abstract Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is an energy technology that converts solar radiation to electric power. OTEC systems use the ocean’s natural thermal gradient to produce power and fresh water. The OTEC process consist of pumping cold ocean water to the surface and using the temperature difference between this and the warm surface water to run a thermal engine to generate electricity. However, if you drop the energy production a bit fresh drinking water can be produced This can be very significant on islands where freshwater is limited or African coastal countries where both power and electricity are scarce. OTEC uses water from the bottom of the sea which can contain fish and other seafood which can be collected. This means that OTEC not only produce electricity, it produces water and food too. Introduction The world’s oceans cover a little more than 71 percent of the earth’s surface. That makes it the world’s largest solar energy collector; way larger than all solar panels currently in use. On an average day, 60 million square kilometres of tropical the seas around the equator absorb an amount of solar radiation equal in heat content to about 250 billion barrels of oil. The power consumed by the seas is equal to 20,000 times the total amount of electricity consumed in the United State in one day Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technologies use the temperature difference between warm seawater at the surface of the ocean, and cold seawater at 900 meters depth to
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