Octavio Paz's Short Story : Transitioning From Innocence To Experience

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Transitioning from Innocence to Experience Innocence is a trait that many want to have, others want to shift away from it in the name of becoming experienced. Whichever one you may wish, people are born with innocence and transition towards being experienced. In the Blue Bouquet, the protagonist is staying at a local boarding-house in a small town. He awakes after a nap to take a walk. Whilst walking he encounters another man who threatens him with a knife and says that he wants to cut out his eyes. The antagonist reveals that his girlfriend has asked him to get her a bouquet of Blue Eyes, and he is set on fulfilling her request. The protagonist lets the man inspect his eyes, which he finds are brown, not blue. Eventually, the knife wielding man sets the speaker free. The following morning the protagonist leaves town, presumably out of fear. In Octavio Paz’s short story, The Blue Bouquet the reader learns that the often unwanted transition from innocence to experience affects humans by altering their perspective of their lives and their view of the world around them. Many people are content living ignorantly, but it only distorts their view of society. Experiences in one’s life fuel, and are ultimately are responsible making the transition happen from a happy but ignorant life to an experienced but afraid one. This transition will eventually occur because ignorant people will make mistakes that cause them to lose their innocence and become experienced. Transitioning
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