Odysseus : A Hero As A Hero

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A hero is defined in the dictionary as a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character. In many great works of literature there will be a hero, mostly helping people in the book or fighting off crime in a neighborhood, heroes are everywhere. A book that Placer High School is teaching freshmen is “The Odyssey” by Homer, Where a hero named Odysseus fights off gods, monsters, and mortal enemies to protect the people he loves. Odysseus is a hero because through his bravery and intelligence he helped his friends/family.
A big factor for someone to be a hero is for them to be brave in the face of evil, and Odysseus has showed his bravery by not showing fear in the presence of evil. After arriving in Polyphemus’s island, He and his crew wander off in a cave where they are then trapped in by Polyphemus. When Odysseus and his crew are trapped in the cave Odysseus doesn’t panic but proceeds to make plans to escape to cave but when two of his crewmates get devoured by Polyphemus, he still proceeds on instead of panicking from the loss. He then makes the dangerous plan of driving a wooden spike into the cyclop’s eye, blinding him where he and his crew then escape too their boat, where they then sailed away. From this Odysseus and his crew could have easily died from fearing Polyphemus and not attempting any plans to stop him, but Odysseus manned up his crew and sent his crew free. Another example of Odysseus’s bravery is when he and his crew go the route that Circe and

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