Odysseus As A Hero

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Many beings refuse to admit that Adolf Hitler, although having unethical beliefs, was in fact a hero to his German citizens. As seen in that example, not all heroes are perfect; but they can certainly possess qualities that can qualify them to be. In Greek mythology, every man has their downfall and some warriors are more heroic than others. A superior hero that exceeds all benchmarks of heroism is Odysseus. Odysseus is a hero because he has numerous traits that deem him heroic, such as: intelligence, determination, and loyalty, especially when being compared to the renowned greek hero Hercules. First, Odysseus is portrayed throughout Greek Tales with smarts and cleverness, which is why this quality qualifies him to be a hero. For example in the text it states, “...he was a man of great resourcefulness... He scooped out a hollow and lying down piled the leaves over him like a thick coverlet” (Hamilton, 218). After days of swimming through the ocean, Odysseus had finally washed up on an island that he had to survive in. Odysseus used his quick wit and created a viable shelter in a matter of minutes. Another example of Odysseus’ brainpower is in the text and it says, “Must they all go the same dreadful way? At last a plan had shaped in his mind” (Hamilton, 87). Odysseus encountered a gargantuan cyclops Polyphemus, and was trapped with his men being eaten one by one. This portrays Odysseus’ ingenuity because he eventually created a strategic and successful escape plan that

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