Odysseus Is A Hero?

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In the book The Odyssey by Homer, The character Odysseus is one of the greek heros in this book. He is known as a great hero, because he manages to get through all of these dangerous mission such as : First odysseus makes it alive after travelling for ten years and facing different and more difficult challenges. Odyssey faces dangerous creatures and people.
Homer have odysseus pass all theses task and missions to name him one of the great greek gods that ever lived . Some may say Odysseus is not a hero but why would Homer have odysseus accomplish these adventures and missions . But some may think otherwise, That odysseus is a hero . Some may say he does not have characteristics of a hero. They say he doesn’t have the right to be called a hero, because odysseus has help by the gods and goddesses in his journey, Odysseus in the book The Odyssey, does not earn the title hero. Odysseus does bad by keeping his three hundred men alive in the book, he shows a lot of deceit and disloyalty to everyone else around and also his love ones: His wife and child.

Some say in a way Odysseus is a hero, Because he stays faithful to his wife Penelope and children, he also tries to keep them safe. Odysseus has been travelling away from home to complete his missions and journies for almost twenty years, He keeps himself safe by thinking about wife and children at home waiting for him to reach home. Odysseus has the chance to live forever and live an eternal life and runs into it

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