Odyssues' Women Essay

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In the epic The Odyssey by Homer, the protagonist Odysseus is traveling home from the war in Troy. Odysseus has been traveling home for twenty years and throughout his journey longs for his son Telemachos and his wife Penelope as well as his estate in Ithaca. Odysseus is a man with a penetrating mind as well as outstanding valor; however, a weakness of Odysseus is his sensualness. Odysseus always encounters women throughout his journey home. These women adore Odysseus because of his attractive looks and brave spirit and wish for Odysseus to remain with them. Although Odysseus is vulnerable to the rich and beautiful women he encounters, he rejects their kind offerings with the determination to be reunited with his wife Penelope. While …show more content…

Alkinoos also offers Odysseus luxurious pleasures saying, “A home, land, riches you should have from me if you could be contended here” (7.338-339). However, Odysseus gives up Nausikka’s hand in marriage as well as the luxurious pleasures because he would rather go back home to his own wife and estate. He simply declines King Alkinoos’ offers by saying, “Return me to my homeland!” (7.357). King Alkinoos had reverence to Odysseus decision and gives Odysseus a boat, many treasures, and his best shipmen to bring him back to Ithaca. Odysseus had the opportunity to remain with the princess and her family; however, he declined this offer because he wished to return to his home to his own wife. Two other women who want Odysseus to remain with them are the witch goddess Circe and the nymph Kalypso. Odysseus lands on Aiaia, the island of the witch goddess Circe. Circe transforms all of Odysseus’ men into swine upon their arrival onto her island. With the help of Hermes, the messenger god, Odysseus resists Circe’s power and then becomes her lover, living in luxury for one year. When Circe first asks Odysseus to become her lover Odysseus explains, “I mount no bed of love with you upon it” (10. 385). Odysseus explains that he does not want to become her lover because he is afraid of what she

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