Oedipus: A Tragic Hero

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Around 427 B.C Sophocles, the greatest playwriter of the Golden age, authored the epic tale of Oedipus. The tale of Oedipus was written just over 2445 years ago and remains one of the best-known tragedies of all time. In fact, to this day, just the mention of the word Oedipus conjures negative feelings and connotations. The ultimate tragic hero Oedipus, unknowingly kills his own father and then has a sexual relationship and subsequent marriage to his mother. However, this relationship emerged without Oedipus or his mother, Jocasta, prior knowledge that they were kin in anyway. Oedipus, in fact, truly exemplifies a tragic hero as Aristotle himself defined one to be.
From the start of his life, Oedipus was thrown into series of tragic events that would shape not just his life but the lives of everyone he was associated with. The story of Oedipus has received worldwide acclaim and has been praised as one of the "greatest achievements of Greek dramatic art". When Sophocles wrote Oedipus, he did so in a way that pioneered what a true tragic hero should be and it was written in way that has continued to impact the moral compass and emotions to those that read this epic tale, still to this very day.
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As an infant, Oedipus had done nothing to deserve the punishment he received from his father, having his feet tied and being left at a mounting side to die. His entire life he acted in way that he viewed would prevent the unwanted prophecy from becoming true. His intentions were pure and his morals were beyond reproach, however he repeatedly and unknowingly fell into his predetermined fate. Oedipus became the villain of his unmoral deeds not because of he was evil or wicked but because of a life time of coincidence and

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