Oedipus The King Essay

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Oedipus the King is universally accepted as the Dramatic Masterpiece of Greek Theatre. Aristotle cites it as the most brilliant example of theatrical plot and a perfect example of Tragedy, comprising all the necessary elements. The play is regarded as the classic example of the “Tragedy of Fate” and the plot remarkably justifies it with the help of various characters and elements. One such element is ‘The Chorus’ which can be seen in various Greek tragedies.

Chorus, in the Classical Greek Theatre, is a group of actors and singers, enacting as the representative citizens of the society, who describes and comments on the ongoing action and sequence in a drama. They recite prayers to God, sing, and dance, and give their outlook towards the situations raised in a drama. The attire they have (mask, cloak) and the music they recite goes together with the mood as the situation develops. At that age, through the dramatic performance, they would occupy the central circular place called orchestra. The Chorus would not only act as spectators and careful Observers but also as, commentators of the dramatic procedure. It took the issue of the changing situations and developments and expressed its comments mostly in the form of songs that were called odes. The Chorus used to express their opinions at the moment of acute need. When the spectators would feel the uncertainty of the situation, the Chorus guided them with the appropriate kind of feelings and attitude towards the events in the

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