Of Mice And Men Friendship Analysis

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Friendship is something people acquire at some point in their lives. Ordinarily, society views a connection like that as two individuals who bond, making them stronger together. However, the magnitude of a friendship comes with a downside: vulnerability. It doesn’t seem like this would be true, but it undeniably is. Throughout John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and Men, this statement becomes more of a reality. George Milton and Lennie Small become friends after an unfortunate event shapes their abnormal companionship. The friendship is beneficial for both characters, but slowly becomes toxic throughout the book due to several events. From the outside, they seem like a well-built relationship. Unfortunately, every friendship has its weaknesses and George and Lennie’s companionship makes them vulnerable. When the pair become friends, it is obvious that both are vulnerable to their own thoughts, each other’s feelings, and the way other people behave towards them. Most friendships are not like George and Lennie’s. People typically don’t look at most friendships like theirs either. Due to Lennie’s mental disability, George and Lennie are judged by others. Given that the story is set during the 1930s Great Depression, people didn’t see mentally disabled people becoming friends with other people. To avoid judgment during a job interview, George must lie to the boss so he would hire them. George could have told the boss the truth about why he must watch Lennie all the time, but

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