Of Mice and Men Dialectical Journals

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Passages from text | Page #’s | Comments & Questions | “The bunk house was a long, rectangular building. Inside, the walls were whitewashed and the floor unpainted. In three walls there were small, square windows, and in the fourth, a solid door with a wooden latch. Against the walls were eight bunks, five of them made up with blankets and the other three showing their burlap ticking. Over each bunk there was nailed an apple box with the opening forward so that it made two shelves for the personal belongings of the occupant of the bunk.” | Page 17 | John Steinbeck uses a great amount of description in this text. With this description, the reader is able to visualize what the bunk houses look like on the outside and on the inside. It …show more content…

I seen her give Slim the eye. Curley never seen it. An’ I seen her give Carlson the eye.”-“Looks like we gonna have fun.” | Page 28 | In this conversation between the old man and George, the old man warns George of Curley’s wife. He informs George of the wife because she tends to be too friendly with the workers, and is unfaithful to her husband. The old man doesn’t want George to get tricked by her, and end up getting fired or even worse, hurt

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