Okonkwo Character Analysis

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In the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo strives to be the manliest man he can possibly be. Okonkwo is also the leader of a clan in Umuofia and he is a highly respected man in that community. Although it can get to the point where it is extremely destructive to his loved ones along with his clan. Truthfully Okonkwo becomes the man he is because of his father, a not well respected, womanly, lazy, man. Okonkwo sees the rules of the clan very literal and wouldn’t go against them unlike his father who tried to avoid and bend the rules of the clan. Even though he feels true emotion his mindset is tough which makes him exhibit these emotions through angry and violent acts towards a lot of people, especially his family. This is a huge contrast to being a Cosmopolitan, which is someone who is comfortable to all surroundings, cultures, ideas, and beliefs. Okonkwo does a lot that shows he doesn’t have a very open mindset with most things and is extremely stern with the things he himself believes in. If Okonkwo would have learned and participated in ways of a Cosmopolitan he could have been a lot more successful in his life than he already was. Since Okonkwo was a very harsh and irrational man at most times he did many things that made other people scared of his ways. For example when his son Nwoye converted to Christianity which is far out of Okonkwo comfortability, says “Answer me,” roared Okonkwo, “Before I kill you!” He seized a heavy stick that lay on the dwarf

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