Olaudah Equiano 's Narrative Of The Life Of Olaudah

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The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano is a classical and well known slave Narrative. Olaudah Equiano who also goes by the name of Gustavus Vassa his given name was born in 1745 in a part of Africa that is now known as Nigeria. . Olaudah Equino’s narrative tells the story of his travels as a slave and then as a freeman through the Artic, North and Central America, the West Indies, Europe and Great Britain. This narrative was first published in 1789 and was written by him.
When Equiano was eleven he was kidnapped along with his sister and sold to slave traders in the beautiful Island of Barbados. Equiano was of royal African blood and born to the chief Ibo of the Benin nation, but spent majority of his time with his mother. Equiano is the youngest son of seven children. Equiano uses his narrative to paint a descriptive eyewitness account of slavery in the American colonies and in the Caribbean during that time.
Through his slave narrative he paints a clear descriptive picture of African culture, including customs of clothing, food and the respect paid to the dead as well as religious customs/ practices. He compares the inhabitants of Eboe or as we know it Nigeria to the early Jews. He also offers his theory that dark African skin is a result of exposure to the hot and tropical climates. In this his also hints that Africans may be the indirect relatives of Christian Europeans because of their Jewish ancestry and argues against slavery. He stands firmly

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