Omelas Moral Dilemma

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Omelas Moral Dilemma In "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" Ursula LeGuin is raising the moral dilemma of justice vs. happiness. The happiness of the citizens in Omelas depends on the suffering of a child locked in a closet. She briefly describes the contrast between the child’s situation and the citizens’ position, portraying a moral dilemma, which is when you have to choose to do one of two equally unpleasant things. LeGuin portrays an ideal life “boats in the harbor sparkled with flags, women carrying their babies and chatting as they walked and streets filled with music and dancing” (1311). “The morning air was clear, the peaks wear crowning with snow and the sweetness of air trembled enough to bring joyous of belles through…show more content…
Men and women walk the streets, and weep at the fact of the child in the cellar. The child in the cellar is the existence of why the Omelas treat their children gentle but yet full of compassion and joyful love for happiness. The tearless rage, treatment, freedom, and acceptance of the Omelas to the child have long ever to be free and fearful. Therefore, happiness seems to be at the expense of justice. “The folks were not simple folk, though they were happy” (1312). They would not use the word “cheer” anymore because they weren’t cheerful (1312), but yet all smiles would become archaic (1312). They didn’t have slaves or swords nor did they use their people as barbarians (1312). Yet their society, rules, and laws were especially less complex, but the people of Omelas “were not less complex than us” (1312). “The trouble was encouraged by sophisticates considering happiness rather than being stupid” (1312). Their children were happy, mature and intelligent; perhaps happiness is based on what is neither necessary nor destructive. Omelas strikes some as all smiles and good people. The people of the Omelas have guilt, and the joy they have is built on successful slaughter. What swells the hearts of Omelas is the boundless, generous and magnanimous triumph in souls of all men and against some other enemy. The people of Omelas often stray away from the village
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