On Golden Pond Essay

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On Golden Pond This movie “On Golden Pond” starts a long-married couple (Norman and Ethel Thayer) arriving to their home in the lake that is called Golden Pond. That moment Mr. Norman shows a memory problem because he could not recognize the pictures of his family or himself. In this movie, you could see how much this couple loved each other with so much respect even though there have very different personality. Mr. Norman always talks about his death and does not want to think of this future and he also have issues socializing with other people. The first signed he got scared when he was sent to pick up some blueberries where he got disoriented in the woods. He came back empty handed but happy to see his wife that comforted him so much …show more content…

As people get old a few of them will experience changes in cognition with age related capacity rather than intellectual capacity. There are some people who get both disparities of mentally and physically impaired that will led into depression due to aging process of their body. Even though, the forgetfulness is a common among older adults, we as healthcare providers must evaluate altered mental status of the patients. “The evaluation and management of altered mental status are broad and require careful history and physical examination to eliminate life-threatening situations”(Patti & Dulebohn, 2017). Therefore, it is very important to recognize the importance of difference between normal age-related symptoms and developing new health problems that can arise in this specific population. As elders get older their memory lapses it frustrating to them leading them to be more worried about changes in their memory. Nurses have a unique capability to promote a cognitive health and determine the possibilities of potential cases of the impairment in elders. The movie “On Golden Pond” Mr. Norman was a perfect example and showed that his symptoms were interfering with his everyday live when he almost burns down the house with fire, calling Bill by his daughter’s name Chelsea and getting lost in on the lake. Even though, Mr. Norman had heart and dementia problems his wife never discouraged him to do what he liked such as

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