On His Blindness

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"On his Blindness" by John Milton John Milton was a great writer and one of the few who was recognized in his own time. His name stands out in the history of English literature mainly for his two works, Paradise Lost and Paradise regained. In 1651 Milton became blind, yet he continued to write and his daughters would take dictation. The poem On his Blindness, by John Milton is an Italian sonnet which addresses the Christian perspective of how to accept ones disabilities. The writer is effective in doing so, as he utilizes Biblical allusions, figurative language and colorful connotation. The date that Milton wrote the poem is uncertain, but 1955 is the year that is widely accepted. The poem "On his…show more content…
These images create an image of God one is to be in awe of, as he is a mighty ruler and people are stationed everywhere just to do as God says. The final line of the poem- "They also serve who only stand and wait" is a famous one, and alludes to the parable of the Bridegroom- Matthew 25:1-13. "On his Blindness" was meant to be an inspirational poem for those who have disabilities. The poem is successful in achieving its purpose, as the various methods employed by the writer makes on feel that one is not alone in ones situation. In the form of Patience, one is too given hope and a reason not to indulge in Self-pity. The language reveals the feelings of the writer and mirrors a common situation where people doubt God because they are in a negative situation. The role of Patience is that of a reminder- one can still serve God no matter the circumstances. Alongside these elements is Milton's relation of human life to the Bible, which provided familiar allusions for the people who lived in his
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