On January 5Th, Five Days Into The New Year, Five Year

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On January 5th, five days into the new year, five year old Jaclyn Miller had an almost fatal heart attack. She managed to survive the attack, but her heart had been severely damaged, and doctors said that a heart transplant was needed. That same day, Jaclyn was put on the National Transplant List for a heart. Although her small size and rare blood type made it difficult to find a match, her family still clinged onto a glimmer of hope. On February 16th, Jaclyn celebrated her 6th birthday at California Pacific Medical Center, one of top organ transplant facilities in the nation, under careful medical supervision. She was still fighting and still waiting for that perfect match that could save her life. On March 2nd, six year old Jaclyn Miller…show more content…
With low inputs into the organ donor system and such high demands for organs, these conditions create a lottery system for many families to find an available and compatible organ for their loved-ones. On top of this, these conditions create the climate for an underground market for organs. Illegal and involuntary organ harvesting is a real crisis that emerges from the high stress perpetrated by the National Transplant List. Organ selling and purchasing is illegal in every country, except Iran. A kidney can be sold on the black market for around $262,000 US dollars while a heart can go for around $116,000 US dollars. This organs are harvested from paid “donors”, grave looting, prisoners, and executed prisoners. The people being harvested for their valuable organs run high risk, but the buyer or receiver of the purchased organ runs an almost equally high risk. People who purchase an organ will have to undergo surgery in unsafe environment. They also run the risk of receiving an unhealthy organ or an organ that isn’t the correct match. The fact that people are willing to steal, sell, and buy organs at such high risk and prices shows the value and rarity of organs. So many problems arrive from lack of available healthy organs. However, there is a simple yet controversial proposal, and it is semi-mandatory

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