On Wings of Death

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The zombies body was in remarkably good shape, the flesh wounds had healed quickly due to the nano tech. Zero stretched the things tendons before waking Dana from her slumber. She had taken a knock during the crash and had suffered a minor concussion. The wild look in her eyes was enough to tell him she was wide awake now and he left her alone. Something about this body disturbed the human and it was something Zero couldn't understand. The Tic pod was cramped at best holding a small squad and not much more. Releasing the hatch he watched as powerful hydraulics forced open a jaw like structure designed to tear open enemy ships. The wall crumbled under the pressure, opening a clear path into the next room. Dust swirled in the air and the lights flickered giving the room a menacing feel, although to the artificial intelligence they were all just variables that could not be quantified. A sensation that he was not used to hit him and it took a moment to realize it was burnt flesh. Not used to smelling anything the sensation was not unpleasant, just interesting. Having advanced the mech body far enough Zero started the time cloak. He didn't expect it to go unnoticed but it might at least buy them a little time and give them an opportunity for a few cheap shots. He gave a nod to Dana who was just exiting the pod, her shaken, gaunt look actually portraying her readiness quite well. The gravity of the situation had hit her hard, but she kept on regardless. Once more, Zero cancelled

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