Once Upon A Time Gordimer

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Scary Tales Fairy tales are what generations have grown up with, beginning with the Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Princess And The Pea and Hansel And Gretel. Nadine Gordimer's short story “Once Upon a Time” started out with a happy beginning and nevertheless ended abrupt and depressing. Gordimer grew up in South Africa and had some of the experiences that are described in the story. She lived through the time period and understood the conflict. The majority of fairy tales have a happy ending and they over all teach a lesson. Irony begins in “ Once Upon A Time” when it starts out with joy, and then it switches to the problem at the end leaving the readers thinking. The story is set in South Africa during the time …show more content…

In “Once Upon A Time” the wall is an important symbol. Not only do the main characters move into a house with a wall built up around it, but it’s also in a highly protected neighborhood. The wall represents the separation between the races, but specifically whites and other groups. Arguably the family thinks the wall is a great idea and agree that it should be even higher, “You are right, said the wife, then the wall should be higher. And the wise old witch, the husband's mother, paid for the extra bricks as her Christmas present to her son and his wife.” The increase in the wall height represents the increase in the government's attempt to create more separation. Gordimer's point is proven after the family adds wire coils to the fence to protect them from Apartheid. What the characters don’t seem to understand is the danger that is actually inside the fence. “...Screams while the bleeding mass of the little boy was hacking out of the security coil, with saws, wire cutters, choppers…” This is the Apartheid in action causing separation and tearing the community apart. The mass of issues also connects with the mass amount of separation and

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