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Blog 16 – Remaining inside the law when you play online casino games Online casino gaming is a lot of fun, with all the thrills and spills of the latest games working wonders to entertain people. However, across Europe and around the world for that matter, the legalities of online casino play still have plenty of people baffled. As the confusion continues to reign regarding legal matters, the following blog should help clear up a few matters related to such. What the Internet has done has worked to bring countries together; individuals from all around the world can now access online casinos from seemingly anywhere. This has raised plenty of important questions when it comes to the industry, how do you know if an online is operating…show more content…
Outside of the nation’s legal status, the online casino itself needs to be operating legally. This comes about through governmental or regulatory body approval. Before you sign-up to an online casino you need to confirm several different things: • The casino must show that it is abiding by country laws related to online gambling. • The casino must be approved by a well-known governing body. • The casino must show that it segregates player accounts from company funds. While the above factors are considered essential from a legal standpoint, it also works to confirm their legitimacy in the eyes of the player. Before you start playing anywhere you should make sure that you do the following: • Check that as a player you fall within your country’s laws to gamble. • Always read the terms and conditions attached to your online casino, to make sure you have a legal understanding of the service that they are offering. • Seek out reviews (such as ones found on an online casino portal) before signing up to confirm the nature and reputation of an online casino. Online casino gaming is currently legal in most of Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean, along with South Africa and New Zealand. Online casino gaming is currently partly prohibited in Hong Kong, Australia and the United States. Remember that (along with all the above) and you should be able to gamble legally and safely. Blog 17 – The ins and outs of online casino VIP
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