Open Your Eyes “Anyone” Can Be Raped. “I Just Want To Sleep!

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Open Your Eyes “Anyone” Can Be Raped “I just want to sleep! Acoma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of these thoughts, whispers in my mind. Did he rape my mind too?” said Laurie Anderson. Laurie Anderson, like many others, expressed herself in this way after being raped. A rape can occur every couple of minutes somewhere around the world and in some cases they are unreported. Rape can leave victims physically, psychologically, and emotionally damaged. According to rape is “sex that you do not agree with, including forcing a body part or object in a person’s vagina, rectum, and or mouth.” In other words, any illegal sexual activity forced onto an individual without consent. However, rape is not limited to …show more content…

Rape victim Heather Jurey speaks out about her rape. She says she was at a bar when a guy came up and asked her if she would like a drink. She replies, “Sure that will be fine” after a few hours her body began to feel funny. She knew she had only had 3 drinks over the course of several hours and knew she had been drugged. Heather said she was pushed into the car and then blacked out. She woke up to the man who had asked her if she would like a drink. He was on top of her raping her, with two other guys around watching. Heather pushed them away and grabbed her belongings and began to run while running she called her friend, once her friend picked up, Heather began explaining everything to her. Molly advised her to go to the hospital. Heather believed that she was sexually assaulted by 3 different men; all she wanted to do was go home and take a shower, because she felt disgusted. Heather speaks out in hopes to inform women and men to “Never accept drinks from strangers, and if so go to the bar with them. Never go out alone make sure you have a friend.”(Anderson, 2012) Those ae great rules to go by to ensure or reduce the chances of being drugged that can later result in being raped.
Date Rapes are hard to prosecute because it’s usually he say she say, he can deny that it was rape and say that the sex was

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