Operation Husky Essay

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The British and American decision to invade Sicily in 1943 was an uneasy compromise made by these two Allies having greatly different strategies concerning the prosecution of the War against Nazi Germany. The strategic goals settled upon were freedom of shipping in the Mediterranean, the opening of a new campaign to help relieve the Russian front, and pressuring Italy to exit the Axis. The operations to support these strategic objectives were endangered by Generals Eisenhower and Alexander’s pre-occupation with operations in North Africa and the British distrust of American combat capability. This led the Allied Strategic military leadership to violate important concepts in mission command by poorly communicating commander’s intent, displaying …show more content…

Without the ability of the subordinate commanders to understand the situation, take appropriate action and coordinate joint functions, especially naval fires and movement and maneuver, Operation Husky could have been a far more painful experience for the Allied …show more content…

Furthermore, naval fire support was critical to the 7th Army’s beach landing at Gela in order to defeat a determined Axis counterattack on the American beachheads and serious force multiplier as the 7th Army proceeded northward along the western coastline to take the port facilities in Porto Empedocle in Agrigento on July 15, 1943. In follow on operations after the taking of Palermo, as the 7th Army advanced eastward toward Messina, naval fires were used heavily to dislodge enemy from strong points in support of 3rd and 45th Division efforts. Certainly some of this combined fires success the Allied Navy and Armies enjoyed were due to far better integration through joint rehearsals in preparation for the invasion and the inclusion of naval gunfire officers within each Army division. The success of naval gunfire was certainly not lost on GEN Eisenhower who stated that naval gunfire was “devastating in its

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