Opposing the Vietnam War Essay

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Opposing the Vietnam War

The War in Vietnam is one of the most controversial arguments in history. The

main reason That it is so controversial, is because we lost. Both democrats and republicans argue

that the way the war was handled should have been differently. Some ask why bother, the war

is over and done with; that there is nothing anyone can do to change it. The amazing thing about

history though is that we can learn from our mistakes, and make sure that nothing like this ever

happens again. Then again, if the Vietnam never happened we would have better relations with

foreign countries. America would not be in such a large dept if the war had never occurred. The

soldiers were scarred for life because …show more content…

America entered into the war because it wanted to stop the spread of totalitarian expansion.

The goal was to stop North Vietnam from taking over south Vietnam and converting it to

Communism. the goal wasn’t to win the war and just to support it; and American

citizens and soldiers lost morale in the war.

The U.S military troops had a very hard time trying to find their enemy. One of the worst

things that happened was that they had to shoot women and children because they were helping

the North Vietnam troops. Jennifer Rosenberg states “In every village, U.S. troops had difficulty

determining which, if any, villagers were the enemy since even women and children could build

booby traps or help house and feed the Viet Cong.” (Rosenberg 1) The soldiers ended up

killing innocent women and children because they didn’t know who the enemy was. The North

Vietnamese army had a major advantage over the U.S; they knew the forests well, and had

plenty of forests to hid in. As Rosenberg wrote “Since Viet Cong hid in the dense brush, U.S.

forces would drop Agent Orange or napalm bombs which cleared an area by causing the leaves

to drop off or to burn away.” (Rosenberg 1) This would not only kill the trees, but it would

kill the soldiers and animals as

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