Oppression Marilyn Marye Analysis

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Over the past couple months, more and more women in the movie industry have become extremely vocal over their unwanted sexual encounters with male movie producers, male actors and male managers ever since Harvey Weinstein, a once widely loved and admired movie producer, was accused of sexually harassing actresses that he had worked with. I think that a lot of people, including myself, underestimated the capability that so many men in show business today had/have to take advantage of women and silence them for the sake of their jobs and their industries. Over the course of this semester, applying the concept of oppression to the current events of the accusations of the men in Hollywood go hand in hand. It is a bit ironic yet perfectly timed that the media is releasing all of these scandalous stories about the men and women in Hollywood having these hidden sexual harassment situations that have been buried for years, that are coming out right as we are discussing the reading, “Oppression” by Marilyn Frye. In the reading, Frye points out that the actual definition of “oppression” is completely stretched. She makes it known that the word is often misused and can have much more that goes along with it than most can understand. Frye identifies the word “oppression” with certain barriers that a person must face that both people on the “inside” and the “outside” do not realize need to be there in order to properly evaluate the situation as a whole. We can correlate the word “press”

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