Oresteia Analysis

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Oresteia alludes the idea that the truth does not always bring delight to people and sometimes, living without being aware of it helps people to live more lively and pleasantly. Orestes gains tremendous suffering in exchange for knowing everything without being ready to accept the truth. People should prepar
Oresteia is a script whose story goes on by recalling Orestes’ lost memories. The main idea which is prevalent throughout this story is about finding the truth hidden in the acts of revenge, lies, and fates which are intricately intertwined. However, as the truth does not always give us hope and pleasant, in this story, the characters are suffered by the truth and the way to find it.
Orestes’ father, Agamemnon, is suffered for the truth of the prophecy, the child is the price: if he kills his child, his country will win the war. Due to this prophecy, Agamemnon is tortured and agonizing between his two important roles: father of his family and father of the country. If he chooses his family and doesn’t kill his child, they will lose the war. All people in the country will be tortured as slaves and colonists. However, if he chooses the win, the peace and the pleasant from a family will not exist anymore. His family will be demolished. Eventually, in the middle of the story, he decides to kill Iphigenia. Agamemnon chooses his country, his subjects, and the win, not his family’s peace. He makes Iphigenia drink three solutions including the pills which make her die. “I feel

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